Training Offered to FEB members and their employees
General Notes

  • The Executive Forum is an annual leadership oriented training and networking opportunity offered to all federal, postal, and military in the Dallas-Fort Worth Federal Executive Board (FEB) areas but is also open to any other federal, postal, or military not in our FEB area who wish to attend. We especially invite those from the Kansas City FEB and the Chicago FEB regions and the Memphis Federal Executive Association to join us! 
  • To the maximum extent possible all St Louis FEB events are held in a government facility.
  • Some instructors are vendors and not government employees.
  • Most parking is not free and requires you to pay.

CSRS or FERS Retirement Seminars (usually monthly, never during August and December)

  • Must pre-register with the FEB
  • General financial and retirement planning and tasks following OPM’s guidelines
  • Military not allowed except with special permission to a specific class
  • Law Enforcement (LEO), Air Traffic Control (ATC), and Fire Fighters (FF) have a separate annual session – usually in September- to address their special programs and Laws
  • Open to employee and one significant other
  • No walk-ins for security reasons
  • Select “Retirement Training” under the “TRAINING” menu sidebar 

Annual Executive Forum (managers’ training and networking)

  • Must pre-register with the FEB
  • Usually in August or September
  • In a government facility (badging, access, security, parking issues)
  • 2014 cost per attendees was $300
  • The 2014 Executive Forum was UNCLASSIFIED. Devices permitted

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Classes (annually if possible)

  • Must pre-register (see flyer)
  • 2014 TSP Training occurred the week of 20 October  

Agendas and Slide copies for October 2014 TSP seminars(click each to download)
These WERE NOT printed out or provided at the Session.
YOU must download and print these yourself

  • TSP Morning Agenda
  • TSP Afternoon Agenda
  • Overall TSP Invitation Flyer
  • TSP Morning slides
  • TSP_Overview_Handouts_Master_Brief_as_of_1_October__2014.pdf
    3.0 MB
  • TSP Afternoon slides
  • TSP_Pre-separation_Handouts_as_of_1_October_2014.pdf
    844.0 KB
  • Other TSP brochures WILL be passed out during check-in but not the slides

Contact for Questions

  • The Dallas-Fort Worth Federal Executive Board Office can answer or direct your inquiry
  • Kelly A. Anderson
    Executive Director
    525 S. Griffin Street, Suite #870
    Dallas, Texas 75202