Excellence in Government (EIG)

  • The EIG is an annual awards event coincident with the National Public Service Recognition week during the first week of May each year. Nominations are submitted from all federal, postal, and military in the Greater XXXX Federal Executive Board (FEB) area for the “Best of the Best”.
  • The awards breakfast ceremony is conducted with the public invited!
  • Registration and a fee are both required to attend.
  • The Annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) awards are also presented at this event.

Committee Volunteers

      The Excellence in Government (EIG) Committee for 2015 is led again by Ms. Sandi Davenport, who has been so successful in leading the planning and execution of this annual event.

VOLUNTEER!!  Please email or call the FEB office to volunteer to help with this event!

Kelly A. Anderson
Executive Director

General Notes

  • Time line
    • Nominations acceptance period begins the last week of January
    • Nominations are due by 27 February
    • EIG breakfast event first week of May
    • Registrations for the breakfast event are separate from nominations.
  • Open to all federal, postal, and military in the Greater St Louis Regional area (150 counties, 87+ agencies, southern IL and eastern MO)
  • Family and friends are encouraged to also purchase a ticket and attend!
  • Space is limited so apply as soon as possible
  • All nominations must be UNCLASSIFIED
  • UNCLASSIFIED breakfast event
  • All Nominees receive a certificate
  • Awardees will also be called onto the stage, recognized, and receive an token award and have their picture taken for public release
  • This is a photo opportunity so Dress Codes will be posted here later
  • Registration before the event is mandatory, no walk-ins allowed for security reasons

2015 Excellence in Government (These details will be determined by the Committee (you should volunteer!) and posted here as they are approved)

  • May 7, 2015
  • Location: Orlando Gardens
  • Registrations are due by 15 April 2015, no exceptions will be made
  • 2015 cost per attendees is $10
  • Keynote speaker: TBD
  • The 2015 Excellence in Government event is UNCLASSIFIED. Devices are permitted. Cell phones and pagers must be off or silenced.

Nomination Instructions and Form
(DUE DATE email or postmark by: 27 FEB)

  1. PDF documents here?
  2. PDF document here?


Registration to Attend EIG Breakfast
(DUE DATE 17 April 2017)

  • Forms will be posted in March